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Daily Qi Gong is a life saver for me; bringing my mind and body back to a calm and balanced place. For me its like plugging myself back into life’s natural, joyful current and maintaining health’ (Barb). 


Qi Gong often combines slow and gentle movements, breathing and meditation. It can also sometimes be fast, fluid and energetic whilst at other times Qi Gong is simply about being at ease standing still.  Many Qi Gong movements have been developed by watching animals moving in their natural environment, or being still, with efficiency and power.

I’ve been studying and practicing Qi Gong for my own health and wellbeing for eleven years with Raymond Towers of the UKTaiQi foundation. The mental and physical health benefits, for me, have been amazing. I love the feeling of aliveness, calm and ‘connection’ I get when I practice. It’s ongoing work in progress!’ (Barb)

Like Acupuncture, Qi Gong is an aspect of Traditional Medicine that sees our bodies as a connected whole; like a web. Over time, if the movements are done regularly, with a gentle focus of mind, the body can gradually learn to ‘let go’ and release tensions and knotts within ‘the web’, creating feelings of ease, vitality and better health.

Barb offers 1-1 Qi Gong sessions where you will be given a Chinese Medical diagnosis and then taught exercises specifically chosen to help your body. Alternatively you can come along to one of her classes or courses. See below for list of current courses.

Please don’t hesitate to call Barb for a chat on 07929 851976 if you you’d like more information.

Current courses…

Qi Gong for women’s health, strength and resilience in mind and body will commence in May 2022 at 6pm on a Wednesday evening .

DanceChurch is a monthly 2 hour movement workshop on a Sunday in which Barb teaches Qi Gong, creative movement, dance and meditation techniques to help us free up, connect up and enjoy moving our bodies in space.

Money talk….

  • Course prices vary according to length of course but are usually priced around £10 per session.
  • £30 for a single 1-1 Qi Gong lesson lasting one hour.
  • If a group of you would like to learn together charges will vary according to numbers and duration.


If funds for treatments are difficult for you just now PLEASE talk to me about concessions.

Sorry credit cards not accepted. Payments at this time can be by cash or through BACS payments.


Venue for Qi Gong…

Outdoor: Ford Park, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7JP


Indoor: Owl Barn, Back Lane, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7EP

The nearest town car park is Buxton Place Car Park or free parking spaces can sometimes be found closer to Owl Barn on Ainsworth St, Town St or Church Walk.

Map link

For any information about Owl Barn please ring Barb on 0792 985 1976