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Acupuncture Treatments

BARB’S ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC IS OPEN FROM JULY.  Fantastic work has been done at Queen St Consulting Rooms to ensure safety and comfort for all clients and therapists. There will be some changes to your usual Acupuncture routine so please don’t hesitate to ring, text or e-mail Barb to learn more and to book your session. One of the measures we’ve put in place is to make sure everyone who comes into the building is free of Covid 19 symptoms. To ensure this we are asking everyone to fill out this form on the day they come for treatment:

Click here to download Covid19 Consent form.

Traditional Acupuncture sees the body as a whole system; a network of interconnected parts, like a web. It sees illness as a set of symptoms that can occur when areas of that web have been broken, become ‘knotted’ or ‘undernourished’ for a whole variety of different reasons.

Acupuncture uses very fine needles to gently stimulate the body into re-making connections; giving the body a chance to do what it likes to do best…. relax and send information, nutrients and energy to where is needed; working more efficiently as a balanced whole.

‘I work with people of all ages for a wide variety of symptoms and diseases. It’s a pleasure watching people improve. I especially love working with teenagers because they can take what they learn forward into their future. For me it’s all about teaching people how to look after themselves so they don’t need treatments!’ (Barb)

Acupuncture can be used safely and effectively alongside conventional medicine and is considered suitable for all ages.

To make an appointment or just for a chat please ring Barb on 07929 851976


Money talk….

  • £40 for a single acupuncture treatment lasting up to one hour.
  • £35 per treatment if a course of 6 treatments is booked and paid for in advance.

If funds for treatments are difficult for you PLEASE talk to me about concessions.

Don’t forget if you have any kind of health insurance for your family or through your employer, ask your insurers if they will pay for your treatments. If you are a sole-trader and you need regular treatments of one kind or another, the Chamber of Commerce offer a health insurance which may cover your costs.

Sorry credit cards not accepted. Payments at this time can be by exact cash or through BACS payments.

Venue for Acupuncture:

Barb’s Acupuncture Clinic currently runs on a Tuesday at Queen Street Consulting Rooms –

7 Queen Street, Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 7AF.

The nearest parking is Theatre Street town car park.

Map link

For any information about the clinic and parking please ring the Queen Street reception (mornings only) on 01229 586000.